X Table

This table has been in the making stage for about 2 years and some months to finally get the finished product! It was very similar to Mel Gibson making a rocking chair in the movie The Patriot. You understand, you don’t understand: I made the X legs well over 4 times from small cuts to big cuts, a slip in the router, too much sanding ( I didn’t think that was possible but found out it was!) The first time I ever saw the X was in a redwood picnic table my Dad made for the family many years ago. I based my legs on that idea – routed and flush inlayed the steel X to give it more strength in the black walnut wooden X. Protecting the top and bottom of the walnut, steel feet were made; once again my trial and error record was world breaking when it came to attaining the perfection I wanted. Originally, this table was stretched a bit longer with less of a glass overhang and no beveled edge; now I can say thankfully the original glass did not line up with the holes. On the second piece of glass, I slightly cut down the 3 cross bars and went with a beveled edge; and that made a world of difference with the final look of this table. This piece took more hours than I could count, but in the end I could not be happier with the finished product!

Price: $5,100

Length- 2’x 5’

Height- 37”