Pressed Light

The beginning concept of this light was given to me from my mom and dad. It started out as an authentic wine press. The remains of that are what you see in the lamp shade. The cast iron top and tin shade were the bottom and filter for pressing grapes into wine. The pipe fittings just seemed to work right with the cast iron look and also made for a great looking plug. Finishing the plug connection, I realized that my pulley couldn’t come apart, nor could my plug fit through. This was a tad bit confusing, quite frustrating but hey you know not everything works the first or second time. The rope cord has a wooden wedge making this lamp able to adjust to any height desired. The most cerebral part of this piece was coming up with a wall mount. At first, I had all of these intricate ideas and made a few before taking a moment to step back and see that the simple look was the way to go. A half inch steel rod was heated and bent to shape this bracket like a spring mechanism. It may easily be removed from the wall mount for easy installation.

Price: $1,500

Any height you desire: wall bracket sticks out a maximum 20 inches off the wall