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“Junior Bottle Capper” (1926) cast iron base, Whitall and Tatum No. 9 glass insulator shade, Inline Bakelite vintage rocker switch with an Inline Bakelite plug.

About 10 different attempts to get the 1/2″ hole drilled just right in the insulator shade using a jewelers drill and machined brass jig to hold the glass

Hand made from the Anvil Club collection

  • Center bored the gear shaft on the Lathe to run the wire.
  • Vintage boat grommets machined into bottom feet.
  • Machined brass swivel ball joint to adjust the insulator shade
  • Brass finial press fit and pinned on top of gear shaft, Finials made for the in and out of the wire on the Bakelite switch and plug.

$ 1,180 USD.




6″- adjustable up and down